Nemanja Matic Has Sweet Memories of Playing Against Tottenham

Nemanja Matic has sweet memories of playing against Tottenham in an FA Cup semi-final following his glorious 25-yard attack for Chelsea a year ago. As they won 4-2 the goal resulted in a final against Arsenal. Nevertheless, Matic is all too aware that disappointment may follow if Manchester United knock Spurs in the past four out on Saturday. He was an unused substitute when the Cup was won by Chelsea suspended when they dropped the 2013 Europa League and promised the 2015 League Cup final — against Chelsea — with Benfica. Matic, however, prefers to point to positives. “I won the cup in Portugal and Slovakia [in Kosice]. I won the Portuguese League, the Premier League twice,” he says before admitting the disappointments give additional motivation to assert the FA Cup.

Recalling that shot that beat Hugo Lloris so memorably, Matic states: “It was amazing I scored this goal – I was really happy and I will never forget. “It is hard to say if this was my best but one of possibly the three greatest and most important goals in my life.” “The FA Cup is extremely important for each team,” Matic states. United finished sixth last season when asserting the Carabao Cup and Europa League. They’re involved standing four points ahead of six and Liverpool off than Spurs, with four games remaining. Matic believes that completing as runners-up and FA Cup winners aren’t enough for United. “I’m sure it’s not but to finish second in the league isn’t bad,” he says. “We always need more and try to be first.” agen judi bola

Drawing on the experience of becoming a double title-winner with Chelsea, Matic is adamant that United weren’t prepared to be champions this season. The dismal 1-0 defeat against West Bromwich on Sunday handed Manchester City the crown along with the Serb, asked if he is able to see similarities between José Mourinho’s United and the director’s victorious Chelsea of 3 decades back, states: “Not yet. We will need to have expertise in various sorts of situations. “We fall many points once we shouldn’t, rather than doing so will come with experience. By way of instance, at Leicester at the last [drawing at 2-2] we dropped at Huddersfield [2-1]. But in these [other] type of games should you win nearly every one you’re champions.”

“When you win the league there’s more pressure — everybody expects you to do the exact same but it’s difficult to repeat. Opponents are prepared, everything is given by them, they wish to bet on the winners. “I have been through it in Chelsea. It’s hard but you want to be ready. We won in 2015 and 2017 with Chelsea and the players understood that [the next season] everybody was going to provide everything against them.” This has caused a Mourinho to criticise his players. For being brilliant, Matic — and Romelu Lukaku — have been commended by the director.
“When I came here I wanted to demonstrate my possessions, I wanted to bring something and I am happy that the supervisor, my team-mates, and the team are contented with my job. That’s the reason I’m here and will attempt to do the exact same for the remainder of my time.”

Matic denies it’s generated any dressing-room teasing. What I need to say is I’m proud. We’ve got a fantastic relationship with a player and a coach but no longer than that. Matic’s move last summer caused puzzlement given how integral he had been to Chelsea’s championship victory and how it would strengthen United. “Many folks ask me about that but I do not want to say,” he says. “Only me, my loved ones and representative know the facts.” Whereas Matic has prospered under Mourinho, Paul Pogba has suffered a challenging time, being lost and dropped regularly in recent games. As a partnership that is midfield, their personalities are yang and yin. Pogba’s penchant for hair that is colored, media and dance goal parties has an opposite in the persona of Matic.

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